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News • 28th Dec, 15 • 0 Comments


Lets help raise awareness to the benifits that Marijuana has to offer to the world and why it should be legalized. Knowledge is power and the more you can spread the faster our goal to getting Marijuana legalized.

For quite a long time our legislature has been squandering billions of our tax dollars on a strange purposeful publicity alarm battle against pot, a pleasant and moderately safe medication. While smoking cannabis, similar to cigarettes, is bad for your lungs, a target assessment of the antagonistic wellbeing effects of maryjane demonstrates that pot is generously less unsafe than liquor and tobacco – legitimate medications numerous individuals appreciate whose risks are entrenched, considerable, and obvious.

Liquor is connected with liquor abuse, tanked driving, and vicious conduct. What's more, cigarette smoking is causes fatal ailments, for example, lung cancer, emphysema, coronary illness, and stroke. While no passings are ascribed to weed use, liquor utilization results in 80,000 passings every year and tobacco smoking 440,000.

Government threatening vibe to cannabis has smothered examination and target exchange in the U.S. however, not in different nations. Over 10 years prior, the recognized British therapeutic diary The Lancet expressed that pot is less a danger than liquor and tobacco and moderate liberality in cannabis has minimal sick impact on wellbeing.





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